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By law, within 48 hours, insiders must report when they buy or sell substantial shares of their own companies.

Even so, they have an unfair advantage over investors not-in-the-know. There might be an expected contract, a product breakthrough, a planned merger, a brewing acquisition.

How valuable is such information? When our new Cartwright & Brown insider Trader zeroes in on where company officers are putting their own money, screens out the weaker stocks, and applies the Cartwright & Brown strategy, we are looking at extreme potential gains.

Heavy demand has required us to close entry to this portfolio to maximize profit potential. You can sign up and ask to be notified when new subscribers will be accepted. There's no obligation.


It's easy to pick stocks that are paying high dividends. The challenge is to find those that continue to pay quarter after quarter. Cartwright & Brown Income Investor aims for that and much more.

It seeks sustained 3%, 5%, even 10% dividend stocks with good growth potential. Plus, it throws other low-risk assets into the mix like REITs, MLPs, special ETFs and Covered Calls. You'll be shown exactly what to do and when to do it. Income Investor offers peace of mind, yet looks to outperform the market. It's an ideal counter-balance to market pullbacks and volatility, and is essential for pre- and post-retirement planning.


Analysts have spent careers vainly pursuing the stock pickers' Holy Grail. But no one could reliably predict positive earnings surprises before the reports are released. Then came the Cartwright & Brown research breakthrough that identified which earnings whispers have the most accuracy. Testing shows that positive surprises can now be predicted with 80% precision.

This powerful and exclusive advantage is available to you through our Surprise Trader. Access is now closed to new investors, but you can sign up or ask to be notified when new spots become available. There's no obligation.


Computer-generated High-Frequency Trading (HFT) drives an estimated 50% of stock trades. One such firm is so powerful that they have only had 1 losing day in 6 years. These clandestine firms can bend any stock to their will by firing massive trades in mere milliseconds. Their favourite tactic is to short a stock by driving down the price as investors run for the hills.

Individual investors are at a tremendous disadvantage. But that is all about to change. Our new Counterstrike portfolio alerts you to the best trades that are ripe to rebound from computer trading abuse. We target swing trades with double-digit gain potential in just 1 to 4 weeks.


This service targets under-the-radar companies with over-the-top potential. But it's ever watchful to cut losses and prevent whiffs.

Our Home Run Investor zeroes in on small and mid cap companies with prospects for tremendous long-term profitability. It rides industry trends, probing for Growth At A Reasonable Price (GARP). At the same time, this portfolio is kick-started by using short-term analyst data to uncover the hottest stocks in the hottest industries. Start now and ride winner for 6 to 18 months to potential gains of +50%, +100%, and more.